Aadhaar As National Electronic Health Record

Aadhaar under UIDAI provides unique identification for each resident across India. As per the dashboard, more than 80 Crore Aadhaar has been issued till date. The important question now is, how India can make use of this large database to solve social issues other than just catering to Government’s (GoI) welfare schemes, its primary target.

My take is that it can be perfectly used as National Electronic Health Record (NEHR). If GoI can come up with an interface (with API support) using which the health care provider or the doctors can punch in the Aadhaar ID and then submit all the health treatments done on a particular patient, then he/she will has access to all health records anytime anywhere.

GoI recently launched the beta version of DigitalLocker, which can be easily used to integrate this service. Govt. of Maharashtra has already taken the lead by launching state version of this system called Maha DigitalLocker. There will be questions of privacy, security etc, but all can be technically resolved, as the implementation gets going.

What we need UIDAI first, is cover up all the citizens of India, then have a way to integrate Aadhaar to various services like this. A pilot project of using it on airports has been carried out, and I don’t see why this can’t be extended to other services.

NEHR will also help Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, keep track of its recently launched project called Vaccinate4Life a.k.a Mission Indradhanush.


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