How To Daisy Chain Multiple Monitors Using Single DisplayPort

If you are looking to setup a workstation with multiple monitors connected to a laptop, then there is an easy and cheap way to do so. Ideally to connect multiple monitors, a laptop should have minimum of two ports out of VGA, miniDisplayPort and HDMI, or a docking station which provides multiple display ports. However, with laptop becoming thinner and thinner the first option won’t be valid in near future, as many laptops will have only single display port (most likely DisplayPort or Thunderbolt), and the second one is costly, messy, and not portable if you juggle between office and home workstations.

To get around this trouble and if you are in market for a new laptop, simply make sure that the laptop has DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport (MST) support. Also, go ahead and check whether the graphic card supports DislyaPort 1.2 with MST or not. After this, you need two monitors that will support MST, and one of such monitor is Dell U2415 24-Inch 1920 x 1200 LED Monitor, and if you check the connectivity details it will list 1 DisplayPort out (MST).

Then, in order to connect your laptop to multiple monitors with single port, you need following setup:

  • Connect latptop’s miniDisplayPort out to DisplayPort in of first monitor.
  • Then connect DisplayPort out of first monitor to DisplayPort in of second monitor.
  • Make sure that in the settings of both the monitors, the input source is miniDisplayPort or DisplayPort based upon your cable type in above two settings.

Check following figure as provided in manual of above mentioned Dell monitor:

(Image Courtesy Dell)

One more important setting that needs to be enabled for MST support:

  • Navigate to monitor setting of both the monitors.
  • Go to DisplayPort 1.2 selection.
  • Select enable.
  • Confirm the message.

(Image Courtesy Dell)

(Image Courtesy Dell)

After this you should have a minimal and cheap multiple monitor setup and as far as I understand maximum of three monitors can be daisychained together with DisplayPort 1.2 support.

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