Password OR Memory Manager

Last week I decided to switch to password managers in order to test and understand how helpful they are. First thing was to read technical reviews from major tech website. After doing lot of research and analysis I zeroed on Dashlane. The reason to use Dashlane: free six month premium offer, better user interface, syncs across devices and a strong team. So far, I am happy with how things have gone and I am hopeful to continue with Dashlane given the amount of time I save not entering those passwords which are eventually hacked.

What! You Are Giving Away Your Passwords To Third Party?

Hold on, I am not. I have been using it for limited websites with the auto generated facility built it. Trust, it’s good and secure. And when you can trust IRCTC and Income Tax e-Filling to save guard your passwords, then why not these professionals having prowess in security?

What If Your Dashlane Got Hacked?

It won’t. Even if it happens, it’s encrypted.

Why Are You Writing About This?

Because I agree with Heather Adkins, Google’s manager of information security, that passwords are dead and really we don’t need to put time in finding ways of memorize passwords and eventually waste time logging in various websites.

But I Save My Password In Browser?

Stop reading this and go delete all those passwords saved in browsers. I don’t think they are encrypted and any one with access to your browser or machine can catch them.  Do it before you get embarrassed. Also, many people write or save passwords as drafts, if you are someone who does it, then consider switching to encrypted version of it.

Still Not Convinced?

Don’t be, I am not being paid by anyone to write about this. At the end, it’s your choice on how you wish to manage your online activities.

Will You Continue Using It?

I am not sure, I will use it  till my free premium version expires, post that it will depend on whether Dashlane reduces subscription fee or not.

Is This Product Good For Teams?

I think so, if you are working on a project requiring access to same account by others, then such stuff is must.

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