Time For New Android App Store

Within a year or two, market will be flooded with smartphones that will come equipped with Android forked OS. Since 2008, we have seen that App Stores play an important role in providing OTT services, and for Android, Google Play Store is the best way to reach out to your customers.

Now, when aggressive players like Cyanogen and OnePlus are going all about developing there own platform, and want to get out of Google’s umbrella, then it surely means they will also be opting out of Google Play Store, as no one want to lose out on the profits.

Few solutions for new Android App Store:

Go Solo:

Both Cyanogen and OnePlus might want to set up there own app store, but I don’t think this sounds like a good idea. As it takes time and infrastructure to attract developers. Samsung did try this option, but it has failed to excite developers. Also, since the base OS is same, it also doesn’t make sense to have another app store besides Google Play store.

An Open App Alliance:

This can be done, if all companies come together to form an open app store, that works not only on Cyanogen and Oxygen OS, but also on traditional Android OS. This also offers an excellent platform for other OEMs too, who are always looking to bite Google’s revenue from app store. If successful,  this can be profitable and can pinch Google a lot, and will also attract future OEMs.

Let Amazon Do The Work:

Since day 1, Amazon has been going strong about distributing Android apps through Amazon Appstore. If Cyanogen and OnePlus can have a revenue sharing model with Amazon, then it works best for all the parties. Consider Mozilla, which opts for default search engine based who offers the best deal. Imagine extending such a deal and having a better model of pay per app purchase with Amazon will surely boost the revenues. Amazon already created the infrastructure and the credentials, why not leverage it? Win win situation for all.

If new players with the aim of going after Google’s Android OS don’t opt for different app delivery model, I don’t think Google has much to worry about.

Hi, I’m Chetan Arvind Patil, I write this blog