Wireless Power To Give

Back in 2010, during my undergraduate I (with my friends) gave a talk on Witricity: Wireless Transmission of Electricity . That time wireless transmission of electricity was almost unheard of, and even smartphones were not equipped with wireless charging. Last couple of years there has been a surge in wireless charging/transmission solutions and companies have formed consortium called Wireless Power Consortium to help increase the adoption of Qi.

With power, one thing which comes to my mind is how to conserve it, and how the batteries can become smarter in all those smart devices, as we still don’t have battery solutions that last weeks. SiNode Systems is one startup from Northwestern University that is trying to tackle this issue, but it’s still time before they hit market.

So, what to do till then? Answer is simple, either save power by going minimal or share power. Power Sharing concept has been introduced by Samsung, which allows certain Samsung Android powered devices to transfer battery power to other similar devices using an Android app and power sharing cable. This concept doesn’t save power, but it certainly helps when someone runs out of battery.

In similar lines, BOINC group at University of Berkeley is working on a research that makes use of spare computational power of devices anywhere in the world if the user agrees by installing desktop/laptop client application or smartphone app. For mobile devices this research group has tied up with HTC under “Power To Give“. HTC says, “By downloading HTC Power To Give and selecting projects that matter to you, your phone will become part of a global network that is dedicated entirely to helping to answer huge research questions.”

Isn’t this a great idea? Anyway you charge your mobile device overnight, why not also help world find solutions to all technical problems at the same time. The reason I wrote about these two concept is that somewhere things will evolve around wireless charging and power sharing in coming smart devices. And if you are looking to get something built in these areas, then sign up for North Texas App challenge. Thanks to LazySpark for brainstorming on few concepts.

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